Monday, 1 July 2013

Dental Implant Specialists in New Jersey Challenge Six Common Myths and Misconceptions, PART 4

This four-part series scrutinizes and dispels six of the common misconceptions people have about dental implants and dental implant procedures.

Welcome back to our four-part article series on the common myths surrounding dental implants and the procedures followed to place them. So far, dental implant specialists in New Jersey have unraveled the following popular misconceptions:

Busting Myth # 1: Dental Implants are Prohibitively Expensive
Busting Myth # 2: It Hurts to Get Dental Implants
Busting Myth # 3: Dental Implants will Eventually Need Replacing
Busting Myth # 4: It Takes Months and Even Years to Get New Teeth with Dental Implants

We’ll finish off this article series by taking a look at two final dental implant myths...

Busting Myth # 5: Dental Implants Don’t Look Like Natural Teeth

Dental Implants NJ - New Teeth One Day

If you had to translate this myth literally, then yes... the dental implants themselves don’t resemble natural teeth because they are titanium screws. However, the implant sits below the gum line and the restorations supported by them are skillfully made to closely resemble natural teeth. When single teeth are being replaced, a ceramic dental crown is used and this material closely mimics the optical properties of real tooth enamel. When an entire set of teeth are being replaced, a prosthetic dental bridge is used, which again, is crafted from materials that mimic the appearance and function of natural teeth.

Quite simply, having had a tooth or many teeth replaced with dental implants will not be obvious, even to those closest to you.

Busting Myth # 6: There is a Restriction on How Old You Can be if You Want Implants

Dental Implant New Jersey

“This is absolutely not true,” say dental implant specialists in New Jersey. “Patients in their 80’s and 90’s have been able to receive a complete set of new teeth with dental implants. Age alone is simply not a factor.”

So, what is?

Jawbone quality and volume are a primary concern when it comes to dental implant surgery. If a patient has lost a substantial volume of bone due to atrophy, bone grafting may be necessary before they can be considered candidates for surgery. There is also a suite of illnesses and conditions that may render surgery particularly risky. These include blood-clotting disorders, rare bone disorders, unmanaged diabetes, respiratory disease and heart conditions.

Your dental implants specialist in NJ will review your medical history, take X-rays, perform a thorough clinical examination and, if necessary, speak to your treating physician to determine any and all risk factors and complications. In most cases, they can make special provisions to minimize these risks. It’s only in certain extreme cases of illness that a surgeon will opt not to operate in the interests of patient safety.

A Final Note on Dental Implants

Dental implants really do offer NJ patients with missing teeth a fantastic, long-term answer to all their dental problems. They may not rival the durability and aesthetics of your real teeth, but they come exceptionally close to it and they certainly outshine all other teeth replacement technologies. If you do ever lose one or more of your original adult teeth, your choice should be dental implants. Your only alternative should be to keep your natural teeth in beautiful lifelong condition with good oral hygiene and healthy lifestyle choices!

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