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How a Humble Dental Implant Procedure Makes New Teeth in One Day Possible, PART 1

This two-part article series talks about the “All-On-4™” dental implant protocol and how it is able to give most patients new, non-removable teeth in a single day.

New teeth in one day sounds like the stuff science fiction movies are made of... Tom Cruise walks into a white laboratory crammed with fancy-looking gadgetry and space age technology and in an effort to change his identity and escape an evil race of aliens in hot pursuit, gets a complete set of new teeth placed in an hour. This is in addition to two new eyeballs, a smaller nose and a blonde hair-do. While Stamford dental implants specialists may not be able to do anything about your eyes, or help you to escape the clutches of a pursuing race of aliens, what they certainly can do is give you a new set of teeth in one day... and there’s no need to jump into a time travel machine to do so!

Welcome to marvels of 21st Century dentistry!

The “All-On-4™” Dental Implant Protocol

Stamford Dental Implants
The procedure that makes it possible for patients to get new teeth in one day is the “All-On-4™” and it was innovated in the early 1990’s by European implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo. This man is also the founder and CEO of the MALO CLINIC in Lisbon; one of the world’s leading fixed oral rehabilitation and dental implant research and education facilities. The procedure was developed in order to provide people who had lost most or all of their teeth or were suffering from a failing dentition as a result of advanced periodontitis (gum disease) with a fixed and non-removable teeth replacement solution.

In order to appreciate the incredible benefits of the “All-On-4™”, one only needs to consider the challenges that faced the traditional dental implant procedures followed to provide patients with new fixed teeth. Just one of these challenges was the length of time it took for a patient to go from toothless, or near toothless, to having a full, functional and beautiful smile again. This journey could take up to 18 months and include multiple surgeries and recovery periods. In almost 100% of cases, the “All-On-4™” is able to bypass the need for all of these surgeries as well as bone grafting and give patients new teeth in one day!

Let’s take a closer look at just how the “All-On-4™” achieves this unprecedented feat in fixed oral rehabilitation...

How the “All-On-4™” Works

New Teeth One DayThe “All-On-4™” dental implant protocol consists of the strategic configuration of four dental implants in regions of the jawbone that are naturally bulkier and more resistant to atrophy. This enables Stamford dental implants specialists to find enough support for a prosthetic set of teeth (dental bridge) without having to perform bone-grafting surgery first. The reason this is considered such an important advancement in the field of fixed oral rehabilitation is that many of the patients who require new teeth have been edentulous (toothless) and/or have been wearing traditional removable dentures or partial dentures for many years.

Without the presence of tooth roots to keep the jawbone stimulated and healthy, this hard tissue shrinks away as a result of atrophy, similar to the way your muscles slim down when you don’t exercise them. Since dental implants function like natural tooth roots, they too require a certain volume of jawbone in order to be successfully supported and if that bone isn’t present, Stamford dental implants specialists will need to perform a bone grafting procedure...

… and we will discuss the implications of this fully in our next article installment!

To Find Out How the “All-On-4™” Gives Patients New Teeth in One Day, Stay Tuned for Part Two Coming Next Week!

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