Friday, 19 July 2013

Five Reasons the New Teeth Implant Cost in NJ is WORTH IT!

This article provides five reasons why dental implants are worth the cost and why patients shouldn’t consider any other tooth/teeth replacement method.

There are currently tens of millions of Americans living without any natural teeth left in their mouths. Millions more are on the verge of becoming edentulous and the sad fact is that the vast majority of these people will opt to have removable dentures fitted instead of covering the new teeth implant cost in NJ. While it is widely known that dental implants are the best and most sophisticated technology for the replacement of missing teeth, what patients tend to fixate on is their cost alone. Well, we sat down with some dental implant specialists in NJ and asked them to lay down a counter argument. Here are the five excellent reasons the new implant cost is worth it!

1. You get teeth that are fixed and non-removable.

New Teeth Implant Cost NJYou only need to wear removable dentures for a few weeks or months to appreciate just what a privilege it is to have teeth that don’t constantly shift around while you eat and speak. This is not only a common cause of social awkwardness amongst denture-wearers; it is also a source of discomfort and can make eating incredibly difficult.

“I ended up taking my dentures out to eat. What’s the point of buying false teeth in the first place if you eat more comfortably without them?” said one NJ denture-wearer prior to investing in dental implants.

2. You can eat what you want, including your favorite foods, without difficulty, embarrassment or compromise.

Dental implants support a strong and natural bite, enabling patients to manage a varied and healthy diet. Removable dentures are notoriously difficult to eat with and over time, may actually result in a much weakened bite force. This can actually have a profound impact on patient nutrition, which may shorten life expectancy!

3. You can enjoy a healthy, beautiful mouth and smile and much improved social confidence.

Dental implants support a healthy jaw bone and prevent the atrophication (shrinking away) process that leads to the deterioration of one’s youthful facial contours. The bridge supported by the implants is also far slimmer in construction and so looks more natural and feels more natural. The smile confidence patients enjoy from covering the new teeth implant cost in NJ, as opposed to having dentures fitted, manifests itself in every conceivable sphere of living, from the social to the professional environments.

4. You can forget about the inconveniences, challenges and discomforts caused by wearing traditional removable dentures.

New Teeth One Day - Dental Implant NJForget about the need to remove your teeth after meals and at nighttime for cleaning and/or soaking. The triggering of the gag reflex, the impeded ability to taste your food properly, dreaded “denture breath”, oral sores, gum inflammation and the need to have your dentures refitted every few years or so are also things of the past if you choose dental implants in NJ as your teeth replacement technology.

5. Your teeth can last you a lifetime, making the “All-On-4™” the most cost-effective teeth replacement technology.

That’s right! Dental implants are typically a one-time investment, making them the far smarter and more cost effective option!

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