Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Dental Implants in New York: A Healthy Jaw, A Beautiful Smile

This article explains how dental implants help to maintain good jawbone health and in doing so, promote the longevity of one’s natural youthful facial contours.

When it comes to replacing teeth that have been lost to decay, gum disease or a bad accident, most people consider the immediate benefits... the ability to eat properly again and of course being able to smile without feeling self-conscious! But according to dental implants specialists in New York, these innovative devices offer benefits that no other teeth replacement technologies - not conventional bridges or removable dentures - can touch. And it all comes down to the very simple fact that dental implants replace the roots of the missing tooth or teeth and not just the crown.

Just How Important Are Your Tooth Roots?

Dental Implants New York
The tooth roots do more than just provide an anchor for the crown - the component of your pearly white that is visible above the gum line. They play a vital role in keeping the jawbone healthy and they do this by transmitting the forces associated with biting, grinding and chewing into the surrounding hard tissue.

“The eating forces work to keep the bone ‘exercised’, which helps to maintain a strong and healthy jaw,” say new teeth specialists in New York. “In fact, the benefits of this functional stimulation are very much like those experienced with regular exercise and your muscular definition! When muscles are worked, exercised and stretched, they become strong and their bulk is maintained (if not increased). If you don’t exercise at all, they wither away as a result of atrophy. The same happens to bone.”

“Patients who have lost teeth and left them untreated often undergo a remodeling process of the jawbone whereby the volume of this bone decreases,” explain dental implants specialists in New York. “The bone that previously encased the roots of the teeth becomes resorbed, resulting in a loss of volume that can make future treatment using dental implants difficult.”

Traditional Technologies Versus Dental Implants

New Teeth One Day - New Teeth New YorkIt is precisely for the above-mentioned reason that new teeth specialists in New York recommend dental implants over and above traditional teeth replacement technologies that only really replace the crowns of the tooth. These technologies, such as conventional bridges and removable dentures, allow the underlying jawbone to deteriorate and atrophy and the consequences this has on a patient’s natural facial contours can be quite devastating.

“Bone loss in the jaw has a tremendous aging effect upon a person’s face,” explain dental implants specialists in New York. “Without the bulk of the jawbone to uphold and support the facial tissues, they begin to sag and the mouth starts to look sunken-in. By replacing teeth with dental implants as soon as tooth loss occurs, this remodeling process can be avoided completely and a healthy bone volume maintained. Dental implants can essentially help prevent premature aging of that portion of your face as a consequence of tooth and bone loss!”

A Final Note on Dental Implants

It’s quite fascinating to learn of the deeper benefits of a technology we all thought we were quite familiar with. Instead of just replacing the visible part of a missing tooth, they replace the root as well and in doing so they keep your jawbone stimulated and healthy. This has tremendous benefits for your entire smile; making implants the very best and most advantageous teeth replacement technology on the market.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Five Reasons the New Teeth Implant Cost in NJ is WORTH IT!

This article provides five reasons why dental implants are worth the cost and why patients shouldn’t consider any other tooth/teeth replacement method.

There are currently tens of millions of Americans living without any natural teeth left in their mouths. Millions more are on the verge of becoming edentulous and the sad fact is that the vast majority of these people will opt to have removable dentures fitted instead of covering the new teeth implant cost in NJ. While it is widely known that dental implants are the best and most sophisticated technology for the replacement of missing teeth, what patients tend to fixate on is their cost alone. Well, we sat down with some dental implant specialists in NJ and asked them to lay down a counter argument. Here are the five excellent reasons the new implant cost is worth it!

1. You get teeth that are fixed and non-removable.

New Teeth Implant Cost NJYou only need to wear removable dentures for a few weeks or months to appreciate just what a privilege it is to have teeth that don’t constantly shift around while you eat and speak. This is not only a common cause of social awkwardness amongst denture-wearers; it is also a source of discomfort and can make eating incredibly difficult.

“I ended up taking my dentures out to eat. What’s the point of buying false teeth in the first place if you eat more comfortably without them?” said one NJ denture-wearer prior to investing in dental implants.

2. You can eat what you want, including your favorite foods, without difficulty, embarrassment or compromise.

Dental implants support a strong and natural bite, enabling patients to manage a varied and healthy diet. Removable dentures are notoriously difficult to eat with and over time, may actually result in a much weakened bite force. This can actually have a profound impact on patient nutrition, which may shorten life expectancy!

3. You can enjoy a healthy, beautiful mouth and smile and much improved social confidence.

Dental implants support a healthy jaw bone and prevent the atrophication (shrinking away) process that leads to the deterioration of one’s youthful facial contours. The bridge supported by the implants is also far slimmer in construction and so looks more natural and feels more natural. The smile confidence patients enjoy from covering the new teeth implant cost in NJ, as opposed to having dentures fitted, manifests itself in every conceivable sphere of living, from the social to the professional environments.

4. You can forget about the inconveniences, challenges and discomforts caused by wearing traditional removable dentures.

New Teeth One Day - Dental Implant NJForget about the need to remove your teeth after meals and at nighttime for cleaning and/or soaking. The triggering of the gag reflex, the impeded ability to taste your food properly, dreaded “denture breath”, oral sores, gum inflammation and the need to have your dentures refitted every few years or so are also things of the past if you choose dental implants in NJ as your teeth replacement technology.

5. Your teeth can last you a lifetime, making the “All-On-4™” the most cost-effective teeth replacement technology.

That’s right! Dental implants are typically a one-time investment, making them the far smarter and more cost effective option!

Monday, 15 July 2013

How a Humble Dental Implant Procedure Makes New Teeth in Rutherford NJ Possible in ONE DAY, PART 2

This two-part article series talks about the “All-On-4™” dental implant protocol and how it is able to give most patients new, non-removable teeth in a single day.

Welcome to this, the second installment of a two-part article series on “All-On-4™” dental implants and how this ingenious procedure makes it possible for patients to get new teeth in one day! We ended our previous article post explaining how, through the careful and strategic placement of only four dental implants in the jawbone, new teeth specialists in Rutherford NJ can provide patients with a full set of prosthetic teeth in a single dental appointment. We then explained the challenges typically presented by these patients (those who had lost a lot of jawbone volume as a result of tooth loss and subsequent atrophy of the hard tissue surrounding the teeth) and how this was traditionally remedied by an additional procedure known as bone-grafting.

In this article, we shall explain the various problems this procedure comes hand-in-hand with, as well as the other challenges that the older dental implant techniques would cause patients and oral surgeons alike. Of course, the goal we mustn’t lose sight of is to explain how the “All-On-4™” makes it possible for patients to get new teeth in one day.

The Problem with Bone Grafting Is...
New Teeth Rutherford NJ
It takes months for your jawbone to heal before you can even go back to the dental implant facility to receive your new teeth! The surgery required to augment the jawbone is also extremely invasive and painful, not to mention expensive. This is why new teeth specialists in Rutherford NJ would do what they could to avoid bone grafting in the first place, but in many cases it was simply unavoidable. With the advent of the “All-On-4™”, however, bone grafting became largely obsolete and even patients who had been toothless and/or denture-wearers for many years could skip the need for it, enabling them to immediately get new teeth. In monopoly terms, this would be akin to: “pass GO and collect $200.”

Other Factors that Make New Teeth in One Day Possible

It wasn’t only the avoidance of bone grafting that made the “All-On-4™” technique so very efficient in its approach to giving patients new teeth. The procedure only calls for the use of four dental implants, which can quite easily be placed in a single surgery. To give you an idea of just how much of an improvement this was, consider that traditional dental implant techniques would require 6, 8 or even 10 implants per jaw for fixed oral rehabilitation!

New Teeth One DayA procedure of this magnitude typically couldn’t be done in a single sitting, which is why patients would undergo multiple surgeries spaced out over the period of 12 to 18 months. That’s a long time to wait for new teeth, not to mention an incredibly expensive and painful journey to undertake. Thankfully, with “All-On-4™” dental implants, this journey is no longer necessary.

A Final Note on the “All-On-4™”

By skipping the need for bone grafting surgery in almost 100% of patient cases, the “All-On-4™” provides new teeth specialists in Rutherford NJ with an efficient and far cheaper way to give patients a new set of teeth in one day. This protocol also undercuts traditional dental implant techniques by tens of thousands of dollars making it today’s standard of care for those who have lost all of their natural teeth or are on the verge of doing so.

Part - 1

Monday, 8 July 2013

How a Humble Dental Implant Procedure Makes New Teeth in One Day Possible, PART 1

This two-part article series talks about the “All-On-4™” dental implant protocol and how it is able to give most patients new, non-removable teeth in a single day.

New teeth in one day sounds like the stuff science fiction movies are made of... Tom Cruise walks into a white laboratory crammed with fancy-looking gadgetry and space age technology and in an effort to change his identity and escape an evil race of aliens in hot pursuit, gets a complete set of new teeth placed in an hour. This is in addition to two new eyeballs, a smaller nose and a blonde hair-do. While Stamford dental implants specialists may not be able to do anything about your eyes, or help you to escape the clutches of a pursuing race of aliens, what they certainly can do is give you a new set of teeth in one day... and there’s no need to jump into a time travel machine to do so!

Welcome to marvels of 21st Century dentistry!

The “All-On-4™” Dental Implant Protocol

Stamford Dental Implants
The procedure that makes it possible for patients to get new teeth in one day is the “All-On-4™” and it was innovated in the early 1990’s by European implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo. This man is also the founder and CEO of the MALO CLINIC in Lisbon; one of the world’s leading fixed oral rehabilitation and dental implant research and education facilities. The procedure was developed in order to provide people who had lost most or all of their teeth or were suffering from a failing dentition as a result of advanced periodontitis (gum disease) with a fixed and non-removable teeth replacement solution.

In order to appreciate the incredible benefits of the “All-On-4™”, one only needs to consider the challenges that faced the traditional dental implant procedures followed to provide patients with new fixed teeth. Just one of these challenges was the length of time it took for a patient to go from toothless, or near toothless, to having a full, functional and beautiful smile again. This journey could take up to 18 months and include multiple surgeries and recovery periods. In almost 100% of cases, the “All-On-4™” is able to bypass the need for all of these surgeries as well as bone grafting and give patients new teeth in one day!

Let’s take a closer look at just how the “All-On-4™” achieves this unprecedented feat in fixed oral rehabilitation...

How the “All-On-4™” Works

New Teeth One DayThe “All-On-4™” dental implant protocol consists of the strategic configuration of four dental implants in regions of the jawbone that are naturally bulkier and more resistant to atrophy. This enables Stamford dental implants specialists to find enough support for a prosthetic set of teeth (dental bridge) without having to perform bone-grafting surgery first. The reason this is considered such an important advancement in the field of fixed oral rehabilitation is that many of the patients who require new teeth have been edentulous (toothless) and/or have been wearing traditional removable dentures or partial dentures for many years.

Without the presence of tooth roots to keep the jawbone stimulated and healthy, this hard tissue shrinks away as a result of atrophy, similar to the way your muscles slim down when you don’t exercise them. Since dental implants function like natural tooth roots, they too require a certain volume of jawbone in order to be successfully supported and if that bone isn’t present, Stamford dental implants specialists will need to perform a bone grafting procedure...

… and we will discuss the implications of this fully in our next article installment!

To Find Out How the “All-On-4™” Gives Patients New Teeth in One Day, Stay Tuned for Part Two Coming Next Week!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Dental Implant Specialists in New Jersey Challenge Six Common Myths and Misconceptions, PART 4

This four-part series scrutinizes and dispels six of the common misconceptions people have about dental implants and dental implant procedures.

Welcome back to our four-part article series on the common myths surrounding dental implants and the procedures followed to place them. So far, dental implant specialists in New Jersey have unraveled the following popular misconceptions:

Busting Myth # 1: Dental Implants are Prohibitively Expensive
Busting Myth # 2: It Hurts to Get Dental Implants
Busting Myth # 3: Dental Implants will Eventually Need Replacing
Busting Myth # 4: It Takes Months and Even Years to Get New Teeth with Dental Implants

We’ll finish off this article series by taking a look at two final dental implant myths...

Busting Myth # 5: Dental Implants Don’t Look Like Natural Teeth

Dental Implants NJ - New Teeth One Day

If you had to translate this myth literally, then yes... the dental implants themselves don’t resemble natural teeth because they are titanium screws. However, the implant sits below the gum line and the restorations supported by them are skillfully made to closely resemble natural teeth. When single teeth are being replaced, a ceramic dental crown is used and this material closely mimics the optical properties of real tooth enamel. When an entire set of teeth are being replaced, a prosthetic dental bridge is used, which again, is crafted from materials that mimic the appearance and function of natural teeth.

Quite simply, having had a tooth or many teeth replaced with dental implants will not be obvious, even to those closest to you.

Busting Myth # 6: There is a Restriction on How Old You Can be if You Want Implants

Dental Implant New Jersey

“This is absolutely not true,” say dental implant specialists in New Jersey. “Patients in their 80’s and 90’s have been able to receive a complete set of new teeth with dental implants. Age alone is simply not a factor.”

So, what is?

Jawbone quality and volume are a primary concern when it comes to dental implant surgery. If a patient has lost a substantial volume of bone due to atrophy, bone grafting may be necessary before they can be considered candidates for surgery. There is also a suite of illnesses and conditions that may render surgery particularly risky. These include blood-clotting disorders, rare bone disorders, unmanaged diabetes, respiratory disease and heart conditions.

Your dental implants specialist in NJ will review your medical history, take X-rays, perform a thorough clinical examination and, if necessary, speak to your treating physician to determine any and all risk factors and complications. In most cases, they can make special provisions to minimize these risks. It’s only in certain extreme cases of illness that a surgeon will opt not to operate in the interests of patient safety.

A Final Note on Dental Implants

Dental implants really do offer NJ patients with missing teeth a fantastic, long-term answer to all their dental problems. They may not rival the durability and aesthetics of your real teeth, but they come exceptionally close to it and they certainly outshine all other teeth replacement technologies. If you do ever lose one or more of your original adult teeth, your choice should be dental implants. Your only alternative should be to keep your natural teeth in beautiful lifelong condition with good oral hygiene and healthy lifestyle choices!