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New Teeth Specialists in NJ Challenge Six Common Myths About Dental Implants, PART 3

This four-part series scrutinizes and dispels six of the common misconceptions people have about dental implants and dental implant procedures.

Welcome back to this four-part article series on the myths and misconceptions surrounding dental implants and the procedures followed to place them. In our two previous posts, the specialists responsible for giving NJ patients new teeth explained that, contrary to popular belief, dental implants are not prohibitively expensive nor do they cause patients much (if any) pain during and after surgery. They also explained that dental implants seldom require replacement, making them one of the smartest and most cost-effective teeth replacement technology on the market!

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In this article post, the third installment of the series, we shall delve deeper into the modern techniques used to place dental implants and how they’ve radically changed the journey patients need to take when undergoing fixed oral rehabilitation.

Busting Myth # 4: It Takes Months and Even Years to Get New Teeth with Dental Implants

Prior to the innovation of the “All On 4™” dental implant protocol, yes, this was indeed the case. In order to have a complete set of upper and/or lower teeth replaced, you could require six, eight or even 10 dental implants per jaw! Such a great number of implants simply couldn’t be placed in a single surgery - not only would it be very traumatic for the patient, but the risks of complications and implant failure would increase. So, new teeth implant specialists in NJ would plan a patient’s treatment to consist of several smaller and more manageable surgeries, which would be spread out over the course of many months.

In some cases, a patient could spend up to 18 months in and out of surgery before they could get a complete set of fixed teeth. This is not even to mention the delay caused by bone grafting surgery, which is typically needed by patients who have lived without natural teeth for many years (missing teeth leads to bone loss in the jaw). It was this incredibly arduous journey that compelled Dr. Paulo Malo - CEO of MALO CLINICS,  with headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal - to develop a newer, more sophisticated dental implant protocol for the treatment of edentulous (toothless) and near edentulous patients, as well as those suffering with a failing dentition.

The “All On 4™” protocol was born in the early 1990’s and, through the strategic and precise placement of only four dental implants in parts of the jaw that tend to be more resistant to atrophy and bone loss, enabled specialists to give patients an implant-supported prosthetic dental bridge (new set of teeth) in as little as a single day, with a single surgery. This is almost always possible without the need for bone grafting surgery, saving patients months of surgeries, months of recovery time and at the same time drastically reducing the new teeth implant cost in NJ.

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By reducing the number of surgeries needed from multiple to one and the number of implants from as many as 20 to 8 (for both jaws) and by eliminating the need for bone grafting, the “All On 4™” protocol can give patients new teeth in one day and at a cost that can be tens of thousands of dollars cheaper!

Stay Tuned for Part 4

To read up on the final two common myths and misconceptions surrounding dental implants and the procedures used to get new teeth in NJ, stay tuned for the fourth installment of this article series.

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