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How a Humble Dental Implant Procedure Makes New Teeth in Rutherford NJ Possible in ONE DAY, PART 2

This two-part article series talks about the “All-On-4™” dental implant protocol and how it is able to give most patients new, non-removable teeth in a single day.

Welcome to this, the second installment of a two-part article series on “All-On-4™” dental implants and how this ingenious procedure makes it possible for patients to get new teeth in one day! We ended our previous article post explaining how, through the careful and strategic placement of only four dental implants in the jawbone, new teeth specialists in Rutherford NJ can provide patients with a full set of prosthetic teeth in a single dental appointment. We then explained the challenges typically presented by these patients (those who had lost a lot of jawbone volume as a result of tooth loss and subsequent atrophy of the hard tissue surrounding the teeth) and how this was traditionally remedied by an additional procedure known as bone-grafting.

In this article, we shall explain the various problems this procedure comes hand-in-hand with, as well as the other challenges that the older dental implant techniques would cause patients and oral surgeons alike. Of course, the goal we mustn’t lose sight of is to explain how the “All-On-4™” makes it possible for patients to get new teeth in one day.

The Problem with Bone Grafting Is...
New Teeth Rutherford NJ
It takes months for your jawbone to heal before you can even go back to the dental implant facility to receive your new teeth! The surgery required to augment the jawbone is also extremely invasive and painful, not to mention expensive. This is why new teeth specialists in Rutherford NJ would do what they could to avoid bone grafting in the first place, but in many cases it was simply unavoidable. With the advent of the “All-On-4™”, however, bone grafting became largely obsolete and even patients who had been toothless and/or denture-wearers for many years could skip the need for it, enabling them to immediately get new teeth. In monopoly terms, this would be akin to: “pass GO and collect $200.”

Other Factors that Make New Teeth in One Day Possible

It wasn’t only the avoidance of bone grafting that made the “All-On-4™” technique so very efficient in its approach to giving patients new teeth. The procedure only calls for the use of four dental implants, which can quite easily be placed in a single surgery. To give you an idea of just how much of an improvement this was, consider that traditional dental implant techniques would require 6, 8 or even 10 implants per jaw for fixed oral rehabilitation!

New Teeth One DayA procedure of this magnitude typically couldn’t be done in a single sitting, which is why patients would undergo multiple surgeries spaced out over the period of 12 to 18 months. That’s a long time to wait for new teeth, not to mention an incredibly expensive and painful journey to undertake. Thankfully, with “All-On-4™” dental implants, this journey is no longer necessary.

A Final Note on the “All-On-4™”

By skipping the need for bone grafting surgery in almost 100% of patient cases, the “All-On-4™” provides new teeth specialists in Rutherford NJ with an efficient and far cheaper way to give patients a new set of teeth in one day. This protocol also undercuts traditional dental implant techniques by tens of thousands of dollars making it today’s standard of care for those who have lost all of their natural teeth or are on the verge of doing so.

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