Friday, 21 March 2014

Want To Get New Teeth? Cosmetic Dentistry Could Save You The Trouble! PART 2

Welcome to the second half of this article series on the various steps one can take to drastically improving the quality of their smile, short of getting new teeth! In Part 1, a New Jersey dental implants surgeon explained the incredible benefits good oral hygiene, a professional teeth cleaning and frequent visits to the dentist can have upon the appearance of your smile. Good oral health is first and foremost what keeps your teeth and gums looking beautiful!

The next step for those who are essentially in good oral health but who still have discolored teeth would be a professional teeth whitening treatment, which can be done in-office or in the comfort of your own home. Now, in Part 2, we shall look at some of the restorative dental options for people who are simply not happy with their smiles.

Camouflage Imperfection with Dental Veneers

Cosmetic Dentistry"Dental veneers are wonderful cosmetic restorations that can make it look like you have new teeth," says the New Jersey dental implants surgeon. "The concept is the same as covering a battered, stained table with a beautiful table cloth. Veneers are ultra-thin shells of ceramic material that are custom-made to fit over the outer surface of a tooth. The tooth surface is typically prepared by being slightly ground down or reduced, so that there is space to accommodate the thickness of the veneer. The veneer is then cemented in place, effectively covering up the appearance of surface and deep stains and any imperfections in the actual tooth structure, including chips, cracks, and erosion."

"Veneers not only improve the appearance of a worn and/or stained tooth, making it look new, they also reinforce the strength of a tooth that has been damaged. By covering up cracks, chips and areas of erosion, the tooth structure is effectively protected against infiltration by oral bacteria, thereby rendering it stronger and more likely to withstand decay. For this reason, veneers aren't only cosmetic in benefit."

Completely Restore With Dental Crowns

New Teeth"The last measure that can be taken to restore a damaged and/or decayed tooth is a dental crown, with or without root canal therapy depending upon the recommendations of your dentist," says the dental implants surgeon in New Jersey. "Dental crowns are used to replace the visible portion of teeth that have become so damaged or decayed that a significant portion of it needs to be removed. The crown is custom made to fit the remaining tooth and resume its appearance and function."

A Final Note

"Many celebrities with gorgeous smiles have had many, most or even all of their teeth capped with crowns. Yet in spite of the benefits of these and all of the cosmetic treatments discussed really - aside from teeth whitening - the very best approach to maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile is a good standard of oral hygiene and frequent visits to the dentist and oral hygienist. Nothing can rival the strength, beauty, resilience and comfort of your own biological technology, so make sure you take all the necessary measures to keep it in fantastic lifelong condition. Do this and you won’t be likely to face the need for new teeth!"

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