Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Five Important Things You Should Know About New Teeth Implants

If you have lost one or more of your original pearly whites, here are five important facts you should know about dental implants and why it is they are regarded by many as the best the dental industry has to offer!

New Teeth Implants # 1 New teeth implants are the only dental devices that replace the crowns AND the roots of the missing tooth or teeth. Both tooth-supported bridges, partials and removable dentures only replace the visible portion of the missing teeth and this can be problematic in the long run.

“The roots of your teeth play a fundamental role in keeping the underlying bone tissue stimulated and healthy. So when this functional stimulation is taken away, the jawbone can begin to atrophy and waste away, which can have terrible consequences for a person’s overall oral health, facial appearance and candidacy for implants,” explains a dental implants surgeon in Rutherford. “This is one of many reasons we encourage patients to consider implants.”

# 2 New teeth implants are often regarded as being prohibitively expensive, when in fact, if you compared the cost of this once-time procedure to the accumulative expenses associated with wearing removable dentures, maintaining them and undergoing periodic re-fittings (as is necessary with dentures), then you’d end up with pretty much the same amount of money!

“Patients who wear removable dentures often need to invest in products such as anesthetic creams for sore gums, adhesives to prevent their teeth from slipping and soaking solutions to store their dentures in overnight,” explains a dental implants surgeon in Rutherford. “Add these repeat expenses to the need to have ill-fitting dentures redone every few years and you’re looking at a teeth replacement technology that is deceptively expensive and frankly, poor value for money.”

# 3 New teeth implants are regarded as the best option available for most people who need one, several or even all of their teeth replaced, but they cannot rival the function and longevity of your biological technology: your own natural teeth. This is why your dentist always stresses the importance of good oral hygiene, a healthy diet and regular dental check-ups and professional cleanings.

Teeth Replacement Technologies# 4 Dental implants are made from titanium metal, which is the same stuff space crafts are made out of! Professional sports equipment and fighter jets are also made out of titanium, which is so useful because of its exceptional strength, durability, lightweight, non-corrodibility and non-toxicity. Additionally – and perhaps most importantly – titanium is bio-compatible, which means that the body does not typically reject it. It’s this property that allows the jawbone to heal around the new tooth implant, fixing it in place so that it functions like a natural tooth root.

# 5 If placed by an experienced oral surgeon and cared for properly by the patient – who is presumably in good general and oral health – new teeth implants have the potential to last several decades without any trouble. In fact, they have the potential to last a lifetime!

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