Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Procedures Behind Getting Dental Implants in Rutherford, NJ

This article provides an overview of the procedure behind the All-On-4 dental implant technique.

So, you’ve gone to your dental implants expert in Rutherford, signed up for the “All-On-4” protocol and now you want to know what to expect on the day you’re scheduled to get new teeth. First and foremost, you should know that what you’ve done is likely made the smartest possible investment in the future of your oral health, smile confidence and quality of life. Well done. Here’s what your day should look like...

Wakey Wakey! Time to Get New Teeth!

Your day begins bright and early with a morning appointment at our world class facility. You will be greeted by friendly staff and escorted through to a private room where you can relax with you family/ friends that are with you, and receive any pre-operative instructions or medications. From there, you’ll go to the surgical suite, and likely have a sedative administered to make you feel totally relaxed and detached from any fear you may have been experiencing up until that point. Your mouth will be numbed and once you are ready, the journey to getting new teeth in NJ begins!

The dental implant expert will begin by extracting any remaining, failing teeth and cleaning your mouth, making sure to eliminate any grossly diseased or infected tissue. In order to give your new implants an optimal environment in which to heal. Once your jaw has been thoroughly “cleaned”, the surgeon will place two implants in the front portion of your jaw and another two further in the back. The exact positioning of these implants will have been determined in the treatment planning phase of the “All-On-4".

The procedure is drawn to a close by suturing up any incisions and allowing you to rest. After a short time recovering and relaxing, your Rutherford dental implants expert will begin placing your new set of teeth, which comes in the form of a prosthetic dental bridge. This is fabricated from molds (impressions) that were taken of your mouth during your initial visits. The bridge will be attached to the implants and adjusted so that your bite feels comfortable and natural.

You will then be allowed to return home with your brand new smile! For patients receiving sedation and getting new teeth in NJ, it is mandatory that you arrange for someone to give you a lift home, as you may still feel a little groggy from sedation.

What Now?

New Teeth One DayIn the first few days following your procedure, it is recommended that you remain at home and relax while your mouth begins the healing process. Read a book, watch some TV, send out some emails… do all the things you never get around to doing when it’s all work, work, work. You should stick to a diet of soft foods for a few months and avoid any strenuous activities or exercise. You will be required to return to the dental implant center in Rutherford for a post-operative check-up around the 10 day to two-week mark to make sure your recovery is going well. Your new teeth will also be removed, cleaned and adjusted and your surgeon will advise you on your diet and hygiene instructions moving forward. By this stage you should be already well adjusted to your new teeth and smile.

Then it’s all about looking after your new teeth, making sure to brush and water-pik them regularly and go for your scheduled check-ups and professional cleanings, just as if you had a complete set of natural teeth again!

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