Tuesday, 24 December 2013

New Teeth Implants Professionals in Rutherford Provide Top Tips for Preventing Tooth Loss, PART 1

This two-part article series provides important advice on preventing the oral diseases that lead to tooth loss and the need for new teeth.

Dental implants may offer NJ residents a sophisticated and comprehensive solution to missing teeth, but according to new teeth implants professionals in Rutherford, nothing beats the benefits of your own biological technology. “Healthy natural teeth are typically quite durable, and along with healthy gums, usually have very aesthetic look, so we always encourage patients to do their very best to keep them. Yes, we can provide great solutions should you ever lose one or more of your natural teeth, but with the right preventative care and daily maintenance, you should hopefully never need those solutions.”

In this two-part article series, these experts will be providing us with their top tips for preventing tooth loss.

Oral Hygiene: Keep it Clean

Keeping your mouth as free of oral bacteria as possible is a daily endeavor you will engage in your entire life. And it’s an important battle because oral bacteria are the reason teeth become decayed and gums become diseased. “We all know we are meant to brush our teeth twice a day, but this advice alone is not enough to keep the diseases that cause tooth loss at bay,” explains a dental implants professional in NJ.

“Most Americans only brush their teeth for 38 seconds a day in total. You should be dedicating two whole minutes to scrubbing your teeth and tongue, making sure to spend 30 seconds per quadrant of the mouth. “We also encourage patients, especially those who have already lost teeth to gum disease, to brush three times a day, about 30 minutes after breakfast, lunch and supper.”

“The reason you should wait 30 minutes is because your mouth becomes quite acidic after eating. The low PH softens the dental enamel protecting your teeth, rendering it more vulnerable to erosion by the abrasive action of brushing. If you can’t wait and, for example, need to rush off to the office after breakfast, then rinse your mouth thoroughly with water before brushing.”

Floss, Floss, Floss

FlossingFlossing is one of the most neglected, yet important oral hygiene habits. Most Americans do not floss daily as they should and a significant percentage never, ever does it. “Your teeth are three-dimensional and while the right brushing technique effectively cleans the front, back and top surfaces of the teeth, the contact points between them are being completely neglected,” explains a new teeth implants professional in Rutherford. “One of the most common sites for decay is in fact between the teeth and at the gum line. Flossing at nighttime before you go to bed at night is an essential step towards preventing the diseases that claim healthy teeth. It also an essential step in one’s recovery from gum disease.”

“A common excuse given by NJ patients is that their gums hurt and bleed when they brush them. This is because the soft tissue has become weakened and compromised by infection. The best way to address infection is to eliminate the bacteria causing it,” says the new teeth implants professional in Rutherford. “It may feel uncomfortable at first and yes, your gums may bleed, but they will toughen up and heal very quickly. Without flossing, you are leaving all that food debris and bacteria trapped between your teeth. This causes cavities, decay and unattractive problems like bad breath.”

Stay Tuned for Part 2

There’s more to preventing tooth loss than just a sound home oral hygiene routine. In Part 2, a dental implants professional in NJ shall address the habits that can lead to the development of the diseases that cause tooth loss, so stay tuned!

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