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Dental Implants Specialists In Rutherford Talk About The Habits That Ruin Your Teeth, PART 1

This four-part article series covers the many habits - some innocent, some not-so innocent - that could be destroying your teeth and oral health, leading to the need for dental implants.

Sharks have multiple sets of teeth. In fact, they tend to grow a fresh set of teeth every two weeks or so to replace those ripped out during feeding frenzies. Rodents have incisors that just keep growing and growing, which is why - in part - beavers gnaw incessantly on the boles of trees: to prevent their teeth from getting too long. Elephants have a set of molars that steadily march towards the front of their mouth during the course of their lifetime. At age 40, a set of larger brand new molars emerge to replace those that have been ground down by day-long munching.

But, humans have only two sets of teeth. The first start to emerge soon after we are born and are then replaced with adult teeth in our late childhood.

Dental Implants Rutherford

In other words, by the time we are 12, we have the set of teeth that is meant to last us for the rest of our lives. There are no second chances for us. Unlike sharks, we won’t sprout new teeth to replace those lost through bad oral hygiene or an accident. Our teeth, if chipped, won’t keep growing and at age 40 we’re more likely to lose our molars than grow a fresh set like elephants! This is why it’s so important that we look after our pearly whites from as early an age as possible.

In this four-part article series, dental implants specialists in Rutherford - the dental healthcare professionals responsible for replacing missing teeth – will be taking us through their top list of habits and behaviors that are ruining the health of your teeth and gums and could possibly lead to early tooth loss. Some of these habits you may be aware of already, such as smoking, but others will come as a surprise! So, without further ado, let’s get started...

Teeth-Wrecking Habit # 1: Chewing Ice

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On a hot day, it can be wonderful to fill a cup with ice and soda and sit there chewing on the lumps and shards of ice. While ice is sugar-free and, in its liquid state, is perfectly good for you, your teeth were not made to bite into it! In a battle between enamel and ice, enamel is likely to win, but that doesn’t mean it will win every time and the result could be fractures, cracking and chipping. Also, if you make it a habit you could end up irritating the soft tissues inside your teeth, or even grind the enamel down to the dentine, leaving your pearly whites far more vulnerable to cavities and decay.

“If you’re a compulsive chewer, buy yourself some sugar-free gum,” suggests a specialist of dental implants in Rutherford. “Chewing ice is terrible for the enamel of your teeth and if you don’t address it, I will expect to see you in my office before long.”

Teeth-Wrecking Habit # 2: Playing Sports without a Mouth Guard

Dental Implants Rutherford

Think twice before getting on the field or ring without a mouth guard! It just takes one second for something to go horribly wrong and for teeth to go flying. You wouldn’t stand in front of the ice hockey goal without the correct protection - you could literally get yourself killed should the puck fly at your face at just the right angle - so why would you face the football player without a helmet and mouth guard? In fact, most sports (other than badminton… but who plays badminton?) come with a risk of facial trauma.

“Make sure you invest in a good mouth guard and wear it,” advises the dental implants specialist in Rutherford. “If your friends laugh at you, tell them to Google mouth sports injuries… that’ll zip their lips.”

Stay Tuned for Part 2

If you like your current pearly whites and want to avoid needing new teeth later on in life, stay tuned for the second installment of this four-part article series to find out more of the bad habits and behaviors you should be avoiding!

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