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Need New Teeth? Here’s Some Terminology You Might Like to Know, PART 1

This four-part article series explains the meaning to some rudimentary dental implant terminology that patients might come across on their journey to getting new teeth.

Do you need one or more of your teeth replaced? According to statistics released by the American Dental Association, tooth loss would seem to be an inevitable part of life. Even if you care for your teeth properly and seek regular professional attention from a dental healthcare expert, chances are you’ll lose at least one of your teeth during the course of your lifetime. When you do lose a tooth, it is imperative that you seek out the best possible tooth replacement option available so that you can continue your day-to-day as comfortable and confident as possible! What is the best option? Dental implants, of course! So, if you need new teeth, here is some terminology you might like to know before you hit the specialists’ office.

Dental Implant Technology

Dental implants in NJ

Dental Implant: A freestanding artificial tooth root constructed from medical grade titanium metal. This tiny screw is inserted at the site/s of the missing tooth or teeth, or at pre-determined locations in the jawbone and is usually used to support either a ceramic tooth crown (in the case of single tooth replacement) or a prosthetic dental bridge (as in the case of full arch reconstruction).

Dental Crown: A dental crown is typically a ceramic restoration that is used to replace large portions of the natural tooth structure that have had to be removed due to physical injury or decay. When supported by a dental implant, crowns can be used to replace the entire tooth structure visible above the gum line. They are carefully shaped to closely resemble natural teeth and are made of strong and durable materials that mimic the optical properties of dental enamel. If you have lost one or two of your teeth, you will most likely have implant-supported crowns placed.

The image above clearly shows the titanium dental implant, which serves as the “anchoring root” for an artificial tooth crown. Usually, the only visible component of this tooth replacement technology is the durable ceramic crown and this is fabricated to be virtually indistinguishable from any of the neighboring natural teeth.

Abutment or “Collar”: The abutment is the component that connects the ceramic crown (replacement tooth) to the dental implant, which resides below the gum line. Together, the implant, abutment and crown make up an entire replacement tooth.

New teeth

Bridge (Fixed): A fixed bridge is essentially a complete set of artificial teeth and gums, usually made from a durable metal framework along acrylic or ceramic teeth, which is held permanently in place using dental implants in NJ. A bridge is carefully fabricated to closely resemble a full set of natural teeth and gums and is an excellent solution for patients who have lost most or all of their original adult teeth or who suffer from a failing dentition. Owing to the durability of the materials from which it is made, a fixed bridge can also support a strong and natural bite, enabling patients to eat most foods.

Stay Tuned for Part 2

To learn more about dental implants and oral health terminology, stay tuned for the second installment of this four-part article series.

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